LED Pacing System

by Specialists

Swimming training support system, developed in cooperation with João Paulo Fróis, Technical Director of Leiria Swimming Association. DigiSwim Pacing System was created to make training more interesting and productive.

Application Specification

  • Setting the time, distance and / or speed of individual training for each swimmer
  • Allows the configuration of series with waiting times between them
  • Each swimmer is assigned a different color on the LED strip
  • The control application receives and makes available the information of each training (predicted and performed) individually and in real time
  • Command Menus accessible by sliding the finger on the touch screen on each swimmer’s data
  • It is possible to adjust the speed during training
  • The swimmer’s speed in the first few meters of the pool and in the turn can be increased in relation to the average speed of the training

System Features

  • Wireless control (WiFi) through a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, or PC
  • Configurable for training in 25m or 50m swimming pool
  • Each system can individually control up to 8 athletes, or double if it is used simultaneously for 2 adjacent tracks
  • The system is powered by a voltage between 10 and 30 VDC using a universal powe supply (230VAC) or a battery
  • Other options can be added to the software