LED Pacing System

by Specialists

Developed in cooperation with the professional swimming coach João Fróis, Digiswim is a revolutionary new training tool designed to help athletes take their training to the next level. The Digiswim LED Pacing System, with a variety of customizable training plans and interactive and engaging features, makes training more interesting while also increasing performance. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Digiswim has something to offer for every swimmer.

Application Specification

  • Setting the time, distance and / or speed of individual training for each swimmer
  • Allows the configuration of series with waiting times between them
  • Each swimmer is assigned a different color on the LED strip
  • The control application receives and makes available the information of each training (predicted and performed) individually and in real time
  • Command Menus accessible by sliding the finger on the touch screen on each swimmer’s data
  • It is possible to adjust the speed during training
  • The swimmer’s speed in the first few meters of the pool and in the turn can be increased in relation to the average speed of the training

System Features

  • Wireless control (WiFi) through a smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android, or PC
  • Configurable for training in 25m or 50m swimming pool
  • Each system can individually control up to 8 athletes, or double if it is used simultaneously for 2 adjacent tracks
  • The system is powered by a voltage between 10 and 30 VDC using a universal powe supply (230VAC) or a battery
  • Other options can be added to the software